To get the best performance from your car, everything from the engine core to the tire pressure should be at a proper condition. Many people will suggest to always check the engine oil, fuel pump, wheels, and other things as a routine schedule check of a vehicle. But, many of them don’t consider the essential factor in their car maintenance, and that is replacing the spark plugs. Changing a spark plug in the vehicle is as important as changing the engine oil and maintaining the tire pressure. That is the reason I have created this website dedicated to those who are looking for the best spark plugs for their vehicles.

At Spark Plugs Guru, you will get essential information about the spark plugs including the best spark plugs for a particular type of vehicle, buying guide, how to properly take care of the spark plugs & the engine system, and many other things.

If you choose a high-quality spark plug for your car, then it will last for long and provide excellent overall performance compared to the low-quality products. But, still, you need to check and replace the spark plugs and spark plug wires in your vehicle. Experts suggest that you should change the copper core spark plugs & wires after every 30K miles and the iridium core spark plugs & wires after every 50K miles. But, this is a standard range when the vehicle is running correctly. If you notice any failure in the spark plug or problem with it, then you should immediately change it.

Factors that indicate the spark plug failure:

  • Car’s engine hesitates or backfires when you step on the gas
  • If the spark plug wires are melting or burnt and blackened at the ends
  • Suddenly the vehicle is consuming more fuel than usual
  • If there is trouble in starting the engine without any other significant issue

One of the main reasons for a spark plug failure is the buildup of the carbon on the ground and center electrodes. Also, the spark plug fails with age. Depending on your type of use of the vehicle and how much you drive, you need to check and replace the spark plugs in the system regularly. Don’t worry. You will get all the guidance of monitoring the quality of the sparks plugs, how to maintain them, and which product is the best according to the brand and model of your vehicle here.

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