Best spark plugs for 4.3 Chevy – Perfect spark plugs for Vortec

Best spark plugs for 4.3 Chevy

After a few thousand miles, you will start seeing a few signals that your car needs attention. It might need something changed or upgraded and one of the most common things that needs to be changed is the spark plug. Depending on the type of spark plugs and how well the car has been maintained, there will come a time when you will need to replace them. This is because like every other part, they run their course. They can’t last forever.

Now, if your 4.3 Chevy has reached that phase, there is no need to panic. If you choose the right spark plugs, you will not have to worry about them for another few thousand miles. In fact, the best ones may last up to 80,000 miles! To help you find them, we have put together this article. 

Types of spark plugs

We all know about the most common types of spark plugs. They are copper, platinum, and iridium. Iridium spark plugs are considered the best because they are durable, consistent, and boost performance. 

However, you will be interested to know that this is not the only category of spark plugs. You will also see different types in terms of running conditions and temperature. In other words, the right spark plug for you will depend on the temperature and type of road you usually drive on. If you live in a very cold area, you will need spark plugs that can handle those temperatures and vice versa. Thus, spark plugs can be categorized as cold plugs and hot plugs. 

Best spark plugs for 4.3 Chevy – Editors’ Choice

Now that you have a clear understanding of what to look for, let’s take a look at what’s on the market and which ones you should pick.

1. NGK G-Power Spark Plugs – 6 pieces

1A AutoNGK is a leader in spark plugs and related products. These spark plugs are very reliable and come in sets of 6. Below are more details:

  • The spark plugs have a fine platinum center, which works to increase performance and fuel economy. The platinum electrode also helps reduce the emissions.
  • Once you install these spark plugs, you will see a significant improvement in the engine starts. It will be easy to get going even in harsh conditions.
  • They also reduce the voltage required for the engine to start.
  • The spark plugs come with a trivalent metal plating that avoids corrosion and seizing.
  • You will enjoy better performance than OE spark plugs.
  • Strength and durability will also be higher than average plugs.
  • These will fit all Chevy 4.3L vehicles from 1996 to 2004.

The pros

  • They last between 30,000 and 50,000 miles
  • Perfect fit

The cons

  • None 

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2. NGK Iridium Spark Plugs – 6 pieces

NGKThe NGK Iridium Spark Plugs are among the superior options for Chevy 4.3. They are suitable for 2001 to 2004 models and come with the following features:

  • The electrode tip is made of iridium while the core material is copper. Together, they ensure faster engine starts, better performance, and lower fuel consumption.
  • The thread size is 14mm and the reach is 0.691.
  • Iridium is at least 6 times harder and more durable than platinum spark plugs, making these plugs better than their iridium counterparts.
  • They have been designed to provide consistent spark.
  • The fact that they have ultra-fine electrodes contributes to accurate and quick starts.

The pros

  • Better performance than OE plugs
  • Easy to install

The cons

  • Slightly expensive

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3. NGK V-Power Spark Plugs – 6 pieces

Sixity AutoIf you have a Chevy 4.3 between 1999 and 2013, these are the spark plugs for you. NGK has done extremely well to engineer plugs of great quality and a variety of features such as the following:

  • They have an insulator design with an anti-corrosion plating that makes installation very easy. They are just as easy to remove when they need replacement.
  • The cold-rolled threads protect the cylinder and increase durability.
  • The spark plugs also have a trivalent plating that resists seizing and corrosion.
  • They have a solid copper core to allow consistent performance and combustion.
  • They are a significant improvement over OE spark plugs.
  • Their broader heat range saves fuel and ensures lower emissions.

The pros

  • Excellent ignitability
  • Consistent spark

The cons

  • Suitable only for older models that have nickel-tipped spark plugs

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4. NGK G-Power Spark Plugs – 6 pieces

6 pcs NGKThese spark plugs are also from NGK and they are also G-powered. But, they bring good news to those with older models. They are compatible with Chevy 4.3 models from 1988 to 1995. And, here are the features they come with:

  • They have a platinum center electrode that controls emissions and ensures that the fuel economy is outstanding.
  • The spark plugs provide better acceleration, easier starts, better performance, and consistent spark.
  • They are known to work well even in harsh weather conditions. 
  • You will not have engine misfires after installing these NGK spark plugs.
  • They are highly durable and can withstand high heat. 
  • Their trivalent plating makes them resistant to corrosion. They also have anti-seizing properties.

The pros

  • Built to last for around 50,000 miles
  • Consistent performance
  • Work well in most weather conditions

The cons

  • None

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5. NGK V-Power Spark Plugs – 6 pieces

This set of spark plugs is also for older models – 1988 to 1995. But, they are quite different in their make and features, which is why we have mentioned them here. Let’s see how they stand out:

  • Sixity Auto StoreThey have cold-rolled threads that ensure that the cylinder is not subject to any damage.
  • The spark plugs have an insulator design with anti-corrosion properties. This design makes installation and removal easy.
  • You will no longer have to worry about harmful misfires, flashovers, or leakages.
  • They have a solid copper core for better conductivity and heat dissipation.
  • The triple gasket sealing is responsible for zero gas leakage.

The pros

  • Superior strength
  • Excellent heat transfer
  • Good ignition

The cons

  • None 

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You will notice that all our picks are from a single brand – NGK. This is because NGK has proven to be a fine choice for Chevy 4.3 vehicles of all models. Each of the aforementioned spark plugs has a set of unique features that will make your choice easier, depending on your requirements.

People also ask

In the past few weeks, we have received a few questions about the best spark plugs for 4.3 Chevy. We have answered the FAQs here.

1) Which is better – NGK or AC Delco?

They are both good brands. NGK gets the edge because the spark plugs are usually thicker and will ensure that your engine performs at its maximum.

2) Are NGK spark plugs good for Chevy?

Yes. They are excellent spark plugs for Chevy.

3) Which is better – Iridium or platinum spark plug?

Iridium spark plugs are much harder than platinum spark plugs. They also last much longer than their platinum counterparts.

4) Are expensive spark plugs worth it?

If you want longer life and better performance, going for expensive and good quality spark plugs is advisable. They are definitely worth it. 

5) How do I know if my NGK spark plug is real?

Here are some signs to look for:

  • NGK spark plugs have a slight hollow on the top.
  • They have a stamp around the plug with the brand’s font.
  • The brand name is properly centered on real spark plugs.
  • The hex nut will have a 4-digit number.
  • The packaging will be standardized.


Now that you are clear on which spark plugs are the best for your 4.3 Chevy, what are you waiting? Order the ones that fit your requirements now! If you are still confused, you can always talk to us.

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