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How to Clean Spark Plugs with WD40 – The Secret is out!

clean spark plugs with WD40

If you thought WD40 was only useful for getting rid of squeaks from various objects, you are wrong. WD40 is one of the most versatile products out there with a variety of uses that stun us every now and then! This is because we discover a whole new use for it! This is why we highly recommend a can in every household.

In this article, we are specifically going to focus on how you can use WD40 to keep your spark plugs clean. 

Uses of WD40 for your car and truck (WRT spark plugs)WD40 for your car and truck

Let’s start by understanding the various ways you can use WD40 for your car or truck, especially when it comes to cleaning spark plugs.

  • When the weather’s humid or wet, cars give us a tough time. They don’t start! This is because the spark plugs and wires are wet! All you need to do at this point is spray some WD40 on them, and the moisture will disappear. In fact, did you know that WD actually stands for Water Displacement? What an apt name!
  • WD40 also avoids corrosion on spark plugs, batteries, alternators, and distributors.
  • It removes the dust and dirt from the spark plugs.
  • It lubricates them.
  • It improves the connectivity of the spark plugs.
  • It loosens stuck parts.
  • It avoids rusting.

How to clean a spark plug with WD40

We are sure by this time you are excited about cleaning the spark plugs of your truck or car and making them perform better. The amazing news here is that it is very easy! In just a few steps, your spark plugs will be squeaky clean, and they won’t even squeak!spark plug with WD40

  • Let the engine cool completely
  • Spray WD40 onto a clean cloth
  • Rub the cloth over the spark plug
  • You can also directly spray the product onto the wires 
  • Start your truck or car, and see the difference!

Cleaning your spark plugs will help improve their connectivity, which will also boost performance. Your overall riding experience will be better than before! So, what are you waiting for? Use WD40 to clean your spark plugs now!

BONUS – More uses of WD40 for cars and trucks

uses of WD40 for cars and trucks

  • Remove grime, grease, and dirt from all car parts
  • Clean the number plate
  • Remove dead bugs and bird poo from the windows
  • Clean oil from your hands after some maintenance activity
  • Apply WD40 on your truck, car, or jeep to ensure that mud doesn’t stick during off-road driving
  • Clean tire sidewalls
  • Protect the windscreen wipers and door gaskets
  • Unstick the door and windows during extremely cold weather

Cleaning sparks plugs with WD40 along with other motor parts is fun and easy! The single product is a complete solution to cleanliness and maintenance. So, why not ensure that your car always has a protector? The icing on the cake is that the product is easy to afford. Go on then, buy it now.

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