E3 Spark Plug Reviewed and Tested By Experts

E3 Spark Plug Reviewed and Tested By Experts

Spark plugs are of utmost importance for the automobile industry. Thanks to the awareness and constant debate about global warming, we now have a spark plug that is environment-friendly. Yes, you read it right! The new addition that we are going to be talking about in this article is E3 spark plugs. E3 stands for Efficiency, Energy and Ecology. The basic idea behind coming up with these spark plugs was to increase the efficiency of the plugs and being environmentally friendly at the same time. The companies have claimed that E3 spark plugs boost energy while reducing fuel consumption. If you are a car owner, you already know the importance of clean and efficient spark plugs for your car engine.

E3 Spark Plug Reviewed

To address all the questions frequently asked about these plugs, in this article, we will give a detailed review of the E3 spark plug. 

Overall Design of E3 spark plugsOverall Design of E3 spark plugs

The USP of this spark plug is its Edge-to-Edge technology and DiamondFire design. The electrode of the plug is made with copper in core and its tip is made from a nickel alloy. Unlike the other regular spark plugs, the strap over the electrode is open. Due to its unique design, the flame hits the area quickly that has the fuel. This cuts down the time required to ignite the spark and also aids in starting up the vehicle quickly. The plug is effective in burning the leftover fuel and reducing the emission of gases such as Carbon Monoxide.

The design creates more space to increase the area for flame and reduces the emission of toxic gases by 12%. The fuel is combusted efficiently, which also reduces fuel consumption by 13%. The shape of the electrode aids in avoiding the wear and tear of the plug.

How do these spark plugs work?How do these spark plugs work?

These spark plugs like other plugs help in igniting the spark to the fuel for starting the vehicle. The design of the spark plugs has been standard, with one J shaped electrode. However, in E3, spark plugs, the new design has been adapted to deliver top-notch performance. E3 spark plugs are designed with the DiamondFire technology that used diamond-shaped electrodes. 

DiamondFire electrodes are different from the regular ones as it burns the fuel entirely and efficiently due to its shape. This diamond-shaped electrode gives a bigger flame as compared to other regular spark plugs available in the market.

Are E3 spark plugs any good?How do these spark plugs work?

After reading all the claims made by the manufacturers, this is the most asked question related to E3 spark plugs. The plugs have a new and innovative design that helps in the reduction of emission of gases. DiamondFire technology definitely aids in increasing and boosting efficiency. Apart from the efficiency, the fuel is also burned quickly, which is also one of the reasons for reducing the emission. The plugs also help in giving an extended engine life. 

However, not all engines are compatible with these E3 spark plugs. Each vehicle has a specific spark plug and hence, you have to research a bit before buying the ideal one for your vehicle.E3 spark plugs have become popular among the people owning Harley Davidson, Suzuki, Toyota and Yamaha vehicles. We would still recommend you to check all the specifications of the plug and its availability for your automobile.

The Final Verdict

E3 spark plugs are definitely worth trying for your engine. Because not only these plugs help in reducing the fuel expense, it will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. You can now save your money and even protect your environment. The plugs are designed to resist corrosion, which helps in plugs to last longer than the other traditional plugs that are readily available in the market. 

In a nutshell, E3 does stand true to its promises and tagline “Born to Burn.” The plug is an excellent alternative for people using power sports applications. E3 spark plugs are available for bike motors as well as cars, so you can get your hands on them after doing thorough research. E3 spark plugs deliver high-end performance with increased efficiency and decreased pollution. 


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