Spark Plug for Lawn Mower – Choose the right spark plug in 2020

Spark Plug for Lawn Mower

And you thought only vehicles needed spark plugs! 

Spark plugs are little pieces of heaven that make engines perform better, and since a lawn mower also has an engine, it needs one of these. 

If your lawn mower isn’t performing like it used to and/or if you are tired of re-cranking it all the time, you probably need to replace its spark plugs. But, due to the versatility of this product, there’s often confusion. We are here not just to clear that confusion but also to help you find the best spark plug for lawn mowers. Let’s begin!

What spark plug to use for lawn mowers

You will have the answer to this question when you understand the difference between spark plugs for vehicles and those for lawn mowers. Here’s a peek:

  • Their sizes are different – Spark plugs for lawn mowers are often smaller or shorter. This is why you cannot use them interchangeably. 
  • Their thread count varies – Auto spark plugs usually have 14 mm threads while the ones for mowers have 12 mm (maximum). The standard ranges between 10 and 12 mm.
  • There’s a difference in their thread length – Smaller and shorter go hand in hand here. Along with smaller threads, the length of the plug is only around 3/8 inches. For auto plugs, it is ¾ inches.

spark plug to use for lawn mowers

How to buy the right spark plug for lawn mowers

You need to make quite a few considerations here. Size is, of course, the primary factor, but heat range and fitment are other things that you should remember.

  • The easiest way to ensure that you check all the boxes is to use the old plug as a reference. You can find all the details you need on it. If you are visiting a physical store, just take it with you!
  • In the off-chance that you can’t find the old one, go through the manual that came with your lawn mower. It usually has all the answers.

right spark plug for lawn mower

Best spark plugs for lawn mowers

Now let’s get to the crux and discover some of the best options the market currently offers.

1. Champion Spark Plug – Pack of 1


Everything you expect from a spark plug, the Champion delivers. It is dependable and durable, enabling you to breathe easy after replacing your old one. Here’s why you should buy it:

  • The spark plug satisfies SAE and ISO standards and has consistently recorded great performance.
  • It has a copper core that controls the heat range. This is important for longevity.
  • It is resistant to corrosion thanks to its ULTRASEAL and TinTac shell.
  • In order to ensure maximum RFI and EMI suppression, the spark plug comes with a SAC-9 semi-conductor resistor (patented).
  • It reduces emissions and increases fuel economy.

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2. Toro Spark Plug for Lawn Mowers


If you have a Toro lawn mower, you shouldn’t look beyond this one. It has been designed specifically for Toro models and works wonderfully for the following reasons:

  • It is a genuine part that satisfies all OEM specifications.
  • It is easy to install and requires no professional assistance.
  • It perfectly fits the engine, but you must make sure it has been designed for your mower. 
  • Go through the manual and ensure that this spark plug will work for you. Otherwise, you can always call the manufacturers and find out.

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3. Briggs and Stratton Spark Plug – Platinum

Briggs & Stratton

Briggs and Stratton is another excellent brand of spark plugs for you to consider. They have been around for ages and they do an incredible job in ensuring quality. Alongside that, here are a few more reasons for you to consider these spark plugs for your lawn mower:

  • They are super easy to use and are known to be highly durable.
  • They have been designed specifically for L-head engines. This is a very important point to remember during replacement. If you have any other model of engine, you should choose another spark plug.
  • Installation is super easy! Simply insert it into the chamber and use a wrench to tighten it. After this, you can attach the wire and cap. 
  • It showers multiple benefits on the engine such as reduced fouling, easy starting, better ignitability, and idle stability.
  • It is also popular for providing increasing the overall performance and life of the engine.

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4. E3 Spark Plug – Pack of 1

E3 Spark Plug

We love the E3 Spark Plug mainly for its versatility. It fits multiple 2- and 4-cycle engines, reducing the chances of fitment problems considerably. Below are a few features that you will love:

  • The spark plug works to increase fuel economy, reduce emissions, and increase power.
  • It is powered by the DiamondFIRE feature that provides a unique design and an edge-to-edge path. This ensures that the spark plug always has access to fresh fuel and air charge.
  • It has the ability to eliminate carbon deposits, which would otherwise inhibit performance. This is how it increases longevity and improves overall performance.
  • The thread diameter here is 14 mm and the thread reach is 0.375 inches.
  • It is the ideal spark plug for lawn mowers and similar small engines.

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5. Bosch WR11E0 Spark Plug


Bosch calls its spark plug a “super” product and we agree. It is indeed a superior product with quite a few excellent features that we are discussing now:

  • It has a heavy-duty Yttrium-enhanced center electrode with a copper core. This core provides durability and reliability to the spark plug and ultimately the engine.
  • The ground electrode has tapered nickel and chromium. It is responsible for enabling easy start even in cold weather. It also ensures easy ignitability.
  • Resistance to corrosion and anti-seize are two other important features that are offered with these spark plugs.
  • The spark plug’s metal glass fused resistor gives high quality resistance to interference. 
  • You don’t even have to worry about flashovers because the insulator design takes care of it wonderfully. 

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There you have it! These are the best spark plugs for lawn mowers on the market according to us. Make sure you check the models before buying them so that you have no fitment issues. If there’s any confusion, please contact the manufacturer.

All the best!

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