Best spark plugs for 4.8 Vortec – Top fuel economy spark plugs of 2021

Best spark plugs for 4.8 Vortec

When small problems are ignored, they turn into extremely big and scary issues. That is why we always tell our readers to never neglect concerns related to spark plugs. They may seem small but they are actually among the most important parts of a vehicle. If they stop working, your vehicle may not work at all. 

Timely maintenance, checks, and replacement will help you avoid a lot of hassle when it comes to spark plugs. After a point, even well-maintained shocks will run their course and need replacement. Otherwise, a few may start showing problems earlier due to various circumstances. Whatever the reason may be, if you are looking to buy the best spark plugs for 4.8 Vortec, you have come to the right place. Our buying guide will help you locate the best without breaking a sweat. Please read on.

Choosing the best spark plugs for 4.8 Vortec – Buying guide

On the surface, it will look like all the products are amazing. But that can’t be the case. A few spark plugs may be better than the others for you and your job is to find them. This particular guide will help with just that. Here are a few things you should look at:

  • The quality – we suggest you choose iridium, platinum, or copper spark plugs based on your requirement. Other materials will not give you the performance you are looking for.
  • The efficiency – if you have a newer model, we advise you to choose iridium spark plugs. They are known to be the most efficient. Platinum plugs are good too but copper will not match up in this criterion.
  • The compatibility – even if you buy the best performing spark plugs on the market, if they are not compatible, they will be a waste. That is why ensuring compatibility is of prime importance.
  • The installation – especially if you do not want to spend big bucks at the mechanic, you should buy spark plugs that are easy to install and come with the required hardware.
  • The gap – Gapping the spark plugs manually is difficult. Thus, pre-gapped options are better.

Best spark plugs for 4.8 Vortec

Now that you know how to choose spark plugs, it will be very easy for you to pick out your favorites from our editor’s picks.

1. NGK V-Powered Spark Plugs 

Sixity AutoNGK is very well-known for selling quality spark plugs that last long and improve performance. This set of 8 V-powered spark plugs are proof of that. Below are a few details:

  • They have an insulator design with a corrosion-resistant plating that makes them easy to install and remove when needed.
  • Their cold-rolled threads keep the cylinder protected.
  • The spark plugs have anti-seizing and anti-corrosion properties thanks to their trivalent design.
  • They also have five-rib insulators that keep the risk of leakage and flashovers at bay. You also won’t have to worry about gas leakages and misfires because they have triple gasket sealing.
  • You will enjoy better performance than OEM spark plugs.
  • They have a copper core that promotes better heat dissipation, heat range, and conductivity.
  • They have superior strength and good ignitability.

The pros

  • Good price
  • Excellent quality
  • Pre-gapped

The cons

  • Not as good as platinum or iridium

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2. Denso Platinum TT Spark Plugs for 4.8 Vortec

Sixity Auto 8 PCDenso spark plugs have grown in popularity in recent times due to their performance and durability. They are known to be among the more reliable options on the market today. Let’s find out why you should buy them:

  • This is a set of 8 platinum spark plugs with a twin-tip design. They have been devised with a 360-degree laser weld to provide enhanced efficiency.
  • The spark plugs have a free-standing firing pad that ensures better fuel economy and gas purification.
  • The twin-tip design also resists corrosion and ensures that the performance is always on top.
  • They need lower firing voltage and provide good ignitability. These spark plugs contribute to fewer misfires, better starts, better mileage, and more strength.
  • They have been designed such that the gap growth is minimal over the years.
  • These sparks have been made for vehicles between 1999 to 2013. Make sure you check the fitment before purchasing.

The pros

  • Twin-tip design
  • Better efficiency and performance

The cons

  • Not as efficient as iridium plugs

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3. ACDelco Professional Platinum Spark Plug

ACDelco 41-962If mileage and performance are on your list, you will definitely love the ACDelco Platinum Spark Plugs. They have been engineered to provide superior performance for a long time. Here’s a closer look:

  • We love the fact that these spark plugs are very easy to install. Removal is just as easy too!
  • They have a platinum core that makes them highly efficient along with a nickel top that improves ignitability.
  • These spark plugs are also known to provide excellent mileage and fuel efficiency.
  • They fit the 4.8 Vortec perfectly but we advise that you check the fitment based on your model number before purchasing.
  • They are durable and will last a long time without any problems.

The pros

  • Durable
  • Very easy installation

The cons

  • They fall short in terms of power, when compared to iridium plugs

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4. Bosch Double Iridium Spark Plug

Bosch 0242230611if you are looking for spark plugs made of the best material, you will definitely love this set of 4 because it is made of iridium. Let’s take a look at some of its features now:

  • It has double iridium firing pin and a ground electrode inlay. Together, they provide over 4x service life when compared to copper plugs.
  • Each spark plug comes with a 0.6mm fine wire firing pin for excellent performance and ignitability.
  • The spark plugs are made of 360-degree laser weld that protects them from corrosion.
  • They are pre-gapped and ready to install.
  • The ignitability is among the best on the market today.

The pros

  • Long durability
  • Excellent design
  • Direct OEM replacement

The cons

  • None

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5. NGK Iridium Spark Plug for 4.8 Vortec

NGK IridiumThis NGK spark plug has been designed for all V8 engines including Vortec. It is sold individually but we advise that you buy it in packs of 4 or 8. What are its features? Good question. The answer is below:

  • This is a shorty spark plug with a heat range of 5.
  • It has an iridium tip and a copper core.
  • The thread size in this spark plug is 14mm and its reach is 0.708 inches.
  • It is thin and durable, giving you the exact amount of spark needed.
  • The tapered spark plugs have been engineered specifically for models from 1999 to 2013. 

The pros

  • Great ignitability
  • Highly durable

The cons

  • Sold separately

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People also ask

If you are confused about spark plugs and still are unable to figure out which ones to buy, this section might be able to help you.

1) Which is better – NGK or ACDelco spark plugs?

They are both excellent choices. NGK sells fat spark plugs that ensure more efficiency but ACDelco plugs are just as good.

2) Can I change spark plugs by myself?

Yes, you can change them yourself but unless you are experienced and have basic knowledge about your vehicle, we advise that you trust a mechanic to do it for you.

3) What if I install the wrong plugs?

Misfires, ignition problems, and start problems are some of the issues you will face if you use the wrong plugs. This is why fitment is a crucial aspect of buying spark plugs.

4) Is bad fuel efficiency a sign of bad spark plugs?

Yes, it is.


We hope our article is clear and has helped you choose the right spark plug for your 4.8 Vortec. If you have any more questions, please write to us, and we will update our guide.

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