Champion Spark Plugs review – Are they the finest spark plugs of 2021?

Champion Spark Plugs review

Champion – the name says it all! Champion Spark Plugs are very popular among users today because they are said to be reliable, easy to use, and long-lasting. But, with so many competitors claiming the same, the question that arises is whether they still are among the best. Should you still buy them? Our Champion Spark Plugs review will answer this question.

Champion Spark Plugs – Iridium 9407

Champion 9407These plugs are available in packs of 1, 4, and 6 so that you purchase based on your needs. They have an iridium core material and a metal top. Their specifications are as follows:

  • They have been designed to deliver maximum performance and exceed the OE standards.
  • The center electrode, which is made of iridium, promises longer life and durability.
  • You can also expect excellent ignitability with this spark plug thanks to its fine wire center electrode.
  • The ground electrode is V-trimmed and ensures that the spark is precise and sharp.
  • It has the capability to take various engine loads and provide stable spark at various temperatures. Its operation is smooth throughout.

The pros

The cons

  • The electrodes are unprotected during shipping, making them vulnerable to damage

Champion Spark Plugs – Review

From this detailed assessment, we are positive you like them already! And, you are right. Champion Spark Plugs have time and again proven that they are reliable and do a great job in compatible vehicles. So, make sure you check compatibility during purchase, and you are all set. 

One thing we would like to bring to your notice here is that even though they are pre-gapped, it would be wrong to blindly trust the gap. Make sure you check and adjust the gap based on your vehicle’s requirements so that you don’t make mistakes during installation.

People also ask 

Let’s quickly skim through a few FAQs about these plugs:

1) Are Champion Spark Plugs any good?

Absolutely! They are excellent spark plugs that work wonderfully and deliver as expected. They are also affordable.

2) Who manufactures Champion Spark Plugs?

The credit for these beauties goes to Federal-Mogul Corporation. It manufacturers spark plugs for SUVs, cars, trucks, etc.

3) Where can I buy Champion Spark Plugs?

They are available on Amazon.


There’s absolutely no doubt that Champion Spark Plugs are a good choice. Find the compatible ones and make your purchase now! If you have any doubts, you know what to do. Speak to us!

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