Best Spark Plugs For Dodge Grand Caravan – Find Out The Best Replacement Plugs In 2022

Best Spark Plugs For Dodge Grand Caravan

Spark plugs are essential for the smooth functioning of the engine. A faulty spark plug will not just result in delayed starts but also rough idling, slow acceleration, and bad fuel economy.

Best Spark Plugs For Dodge Grand Caravan

These are the reasons why we insist that you make spark plug maintenance a routine and have them replaced as and when necessary. 

Best Time To Replace Spark Plugs

There are a number of factors that decide the best time for spark plug replacement. They include wear & tear, the number of miles, the type of vehicle, and the type of plug itself. Under normal circumstances, experts recommend that you purchase new plugs every 30,000 miles. 

However, if you see signs of distress earlier, you should replace them earlier. But, 30,000 miles is your threshold to buy new spark plugs.

Signs of faulty spark plugs include:

  • Low fuel economy
  • Rough idling
  • Engine misfires
  • Slow starts
  • Bad acceleration
  • Engine not running smoothly

Once you replace the spark plugs, your engine will spring back to life and you will enjoy:

  • Fewer emissions
  • Better fuel economy
  • Smooth combustion
  • Quick starts
  • Few to no misfires

Editor’s Choice

When the time comes to replace your spark plugs, you don’t have to engage in extensive research. You can just go through our list and purchase the right one for your Dodge Grand Caravan.

1. NGK V-Power Spark Plugs

NGK is a common name when it comes to spark plugs. Its products are top-notch and satisfy customer needs. The spark plugs we chose from their catalog are the V-power ones that have the following features:

  • NGK V-PowerThis is a set of 6 plugs suited for 2001 to 2010 models of the Dodge Grand Caravan.
  • They are tuned to boost performance and reduce emissions. You can also expect better fuel economy with these plugs.
  • They have a durable outer shell that protects them from corrosion even over a long period of time. The center is resistant to corrosion as well. 
  • The ground electrodes are engineered in such a way that they minimize gap growth over time. 
  • Ignitability and excellent spark efficiency are the other highlights of this product.
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to install
  • Good value

  • Nothing

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2. DENSO Iridium Power Spark Plugs

These spark plugs from DENSO also come in sets of 6. They are iridium spark plugs known to deliver better performance. A few of their highlights are as follows:

  • DENSO Iridium Power Spark PlugsThey are very easy to install because they come pre-gapped and are direct OE replacements.
  • With these spark plugs you can expect a smooth ride with no misfires.
  • Rough idling will also be a thing of the past once you install them.
  • They are more long-lasting than the others in their league because of their iridium power.
  • Fuel efficiency also receives a boost with them.
  • Affordable
  • Works well
  • Fits perfectly

  • Nothing

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3. NGK Iridium IX Spark Plug

Here’s another excellent set from NGK. This one is made of iridium and it really packs a punch. Anyone who wants better performance from their Dodge Grand Caravan must choose this option. Here’s why:

  • NGK Iridium IX Spark PlugThese spark plugs have a thread size of 14mm and a reach of 25mm.
  • They have a tapered seat and an extended projected tip.
  • They are quite sensitive and give excellent results in terms of starts. You also don’t have to worry about misfires.
  • The center electrode is made of iridium while the ground electrode is tapered.
  • The heat range is 5 and each plug comes pre-gapped.
  • Smooth acceleration
  • Quick starts
  • Better gas mileage
  • Some users have faced fitment issues

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4. E3 Spark Plugs E3.66 Automotive Spark Plug

If you are looking for individual spark plugs, you can choose the E3 alloy steel options that have a gap size of 0.04 inches. The features of these are as follows:

  • E3 Spark PlugsThey are engineered for improvement in power and reduction in emissions.
  • They also boost fuel mileage by reducing fuel consumption.
  • The ground electrode works on a patented technology with DiamondFIRE that promises excellent heat transfer and better turbulence.
  • Since the spark plugs are made of Yttrium-enhanced alloy, you can expect more durability and less side wire temperature. 
  • The spark plugs come with a warranty of 5 years or 100,000 miles.
  • Works as expected
  • Easy to install
  • Good quality
  • There might be some re-gapping issues

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5. Bosch Automotive Double Platinum Spark Plug

Bosch is another popular name in the world of spark plugs. Its products are known for their durability and reliability among other things. Let’s take a closer look:

  • Bosch AutomotiveThe ground electrode and the firing pin are made of double platinum, giving the spark plugs 3x service life and excellent durability.
  • They have a fine wire design that caters to performance and quick ignitability.
  • With these spark plugs, you can expect easy fit, great performance, and lower emissions.
  • They have continuous laser welding that makes them even more durable.
  • The manufacturers provide a warranty of 5 years.
  • Superior build
  • Easy installation and replacement
  • They come in sets of 4. So if you want 6, you will end up buying 8

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It’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed with all the options of spark plugs out there. That’s why our experts came up with some good recommendations. Keep in mind to check the model number of your Dodge Grand Caravan to ensure compatibility. Once that’s taken care of, you can choose any of the shortlisted spark plugs. All the best!

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