NGK Vs Bosch Spark Plugs: Which Brand is Best for Your Car?

NGK Vs Bosch Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are small-sized plugs used to ignite the combustion of your car. They size anywhere near 5/8″ (16mm). Call them tiny beasts, and you aren’t wrong. They are small but mighty. They play an important role to function your cars properly. 

What do spark plugs do?

As the name goes, they emit a spark of electricity to ignite the combustion and start the engine. They put the piston of the vehicle in motion and power up the car to produce a smooth power from the compressed air and fuel mixture. Your engine’s smooth performance is determined by how healthy the spark plug is. If it starts to wear out, then you will be able to see a clear drop in your engine’s performance and a drop in the fuel economy. 

About NGK 

NGKNGK is a Japanese technology company that leads in selling spark plugs and sensors worldwide. After seeing a massive demand for high-quality plugs, they started supplying them, especially in India. They are known to sell the highest quality sparkers that work even in the worst conditions. What made it sell like hotcakes is the intrinsic features and high quality.

Let us look at some features of NGK spark plugs:

1. Anti-seize

  • NGK spark plugs have a trivalent plating. 
  • It has a silver or chrome-coloured finish, which acts as anti-corrosion and stands against moisture and chemicals.
  • They are installed in the factory without lubrication or anti-seize.
  • Anti-seize is a great lubricant that alters the torque up to 20%.

2. Torque

  • Good torque is important to know the ability of the plug to distribute the heat properly. 
  • If the spark is under torqued, the vehicle is prone to excessive vibration and improper heat dissipation. This leads to engine damage. 
  • If the plugs go over-torque, it may lead to thread damage/breakage, gas leakage, poor heat dissipation, etc. 

3. Corona stain

  • It is a kind of discoloration found on the outer side of the ceramic insulator.
  • Corona stain is produced due to the high voltage and attracts the dirt or oil particles into the spark plug.
  • So it’s completely normal if you find a corona stain on an NGK spark plug, understand that it’s no defect.

About Bosch

BoschBosch is a massive multinational company in the field of engineering and electronics. It is spread worldwide, with its headquarters being in Stuttgart, Germany. Bosch is prominent in making and dealing in a variety of goods. For example, they make home appliances for auto parts. However, their best selling products are the iridium spark plugs due to obvious reasons such as quality, size, material and heat range. 

Let us understand some features of the Bosch Spark Plugs:

1. Copper-cored centre electrode

  • In Bosch spark plugs, you get a copper core.
  • It gives out a better thermal conduct committee. 
  • This copper core is surrounded by a nickel alloy which reduces wear and tear.

2. Platinum plus line

  • The Platinum plus have a sintered centre electrode.
  • It is made of pure platinum.
  • The sintered centre electrode provides better protection against soot buildup.

3. Surface discharge technology

  • You will find multiple ground electrodes in it. 
  • They are positioned to create a larger flame in the surface air gap. 
  • This technology helps improve combustion.

NGK Vs Bosch Spark Plugs

Figuring this out is slightly tricky as both of them are distinctively great products. 

If you ask me, I will pick the NGK ones because:

  • They have recorded the least number of failures in these years.
  • They have great spark potential, and they are sure to take you far places for a longer time than any other brands out there. 
  • NGK plugs are also the OE choice mostly. 
  • Call it the master of durability; it lasts longer and is the best spark plug in the market right now.  

On the other hand, Bosch claims to have:

  • The OE choice for most BMW and Mercedes cars
  • Works under maximum heat with excellent durability
  • Is economical 
  • An iridium plug is a better choice if you are looking for convenience. 


If you are still confused on which spark plug to buy, go with the thumb rule of selecting the same brand and model that the vehicle had when you brought it. Ensure you choose the ones that are right for your car. Or you can simply ask any auto mechanic, and they will help you do this.

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