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How To Clean Spark Plug Hole – Simple Cleaning Guide By Expert

How To Clean Spark Plug Hole

For many people, Spark Plugs are simply just another small part of their cars. But make no mistake, this small part plays an indispensable role in the proper functioning of your car. You have to take proper care to make sure they’re in top shape by regularly cleaning the wells. Otherwise, it can have a detrimental effect on your car’s functioning and can lead to several problems.

Ensuring the hole is clean is as simple as using a screwdriver and a rag and it’ll guarantee your engine runs smoothly. Small as it may be, this part is what supplies the spark for your engine to power your car. If left dirty, it can build up lots of dirt and oil. If this build-up continues over time, your engine can malfunction, causingcatalytic converter misfiring and damage to your precious car parts.

So, in this article, we will guide you on how to clean spark plug holes to ensure your car remains in top condition.

What Are Some Of The Negative Effects Of Dirty Spark Plug Holes?

Oil and dirt can get down to the well in several ways. The most common way is when there is a leaky or faulty valve cover gasket, which seeps oil down through the hole to the engine. A little bit of oil is not a cause for concern, but if a lot goes down the engine, it can lead to damage in the catalytic converter of the car and the plug. It can also lead to an issue known as the hydro locking of the engine. This is a situation where the engine is unable to compress the fluids present in the car, which could lead to severe damage to itself. There are also the worst-case scenarios, where spark plugs can corrode to the point where they break. The breakage could cause serious damage to your car and necessitate full-blown repairs. Hence, it is important to make sure you regularly clean it, or else you may have to replace a lot more for your car than just new cleaning materials.

How To Clean Spark Plug Hole

If you notice oil or dirt in your spark plugs during your valve inspections, it’s a good idea to start planning a cleaning session. Here are the steps involved in maintaining them.

spark plug hole

  • You should start by disconnecting your car’s negative battery terminal and locating the spark plugs. There should be one coil/cable and one plug for each cylinder of your car.
  • The first thing you want to do is clean the surface of the plug with your air gun or any other tool that can do the same. Once that is done, disconnect the ignition coils one at a time. Then, loosen the part with a spark plug socket and unscrew it.
  • Now, all that’s left to do is cleaning the empty well with your air gun. This is the best way to remove all debris and oil. However, a rag or cloth wrapped around a screwdriver does a pretty good job too, if you’re left with that option. Just ensure you thoroughly wipe the well and use a carb cleaner to ensure the oil is removed.
  • Once this is done, clean the plugs thoroughly with your tools. Wire brushes and sandpapers work well for this. 

People also ask

1) How do you clean Spark Plug hole threads

A great solution to this is getting a thread chaser or a back tap, and using these tools once you’ve aired out the threads well. This is an exercise you do not need to undertake regularly, only when you observe a large build-up of dirt.

2) What are the best tools to use to help with the cleaning?

The most essential ones are a good big screwdriver and a rag. An air gun and tools such as carb cleaners also help a lot. You’ll also want spark plug sockets to help remove them from the car.


The above article has clearly explained the importance of getting rid of the excess carbon and dust that collects in your spark plug, and the most efficient way to go about cleaning them. Maintaining them in such a manner lets your engine and car run smoothly and rewards you with great fuel economy. To conclude, the cleaning process is as simple as opening up the well with a socket. After this, use a rag on a screwdriver to get rid of the oil and dirt. Air guns and carb cleaners also help with this process but are not essential.

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